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North Carolina Retired School Personnel
North Carolina Retired School Personnel (NCRSP), the retired division of the North Carolina Education Association (NCAE), is the only state association dedicated solely to working on behalf of all retired education personnel. Please join us in our mission to strengthen the education retiree voice in North Carolina by becoming an NCRSP member.
NCRP's mission focuses on three things:

•Protecting the State Health Plan.

•Keeping the Teachers and State Employees Retirement System secure.

•Enabling volunteerism in public schools by our members.

NCRSP gives you the opportunity to stay professionally and socially engaged with colleagues through your local unit's activities and districts and state conventions and workshops. For additional information about NCRSP activities and programs, visit our web site at

Annual membership dues are $111, which includes dues for NCRSP, NCAE and NEA-Retired. Purchasing the NEA-Retired life membership for $250 reduces that to $81 per year and protects you against future NEA-Retired dues increases. Members who enroll for bank draft or credit card payment have the option to pay their dues in a single annual amount or spread their payment over 10 months ($11.10/months or $8.10/month with an NEA-Retired life membership).

We offer many benefits, including:

•Free publications: NCRSP Panorama, NCAE News Bulletin, NEA-Retired This Active Life, and NEA Today.

•Two registered lobbyists working at the NC Legislature on behalf of NCRSP member retirees.

•Free NCRSP Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance @ $7,500 coverage for members who pay their dues via bank draft or credit card 

•A Member Discount Card from NCAE with savings of up to 50% on dining, shopping, cruises, hotels, recreation, golf, travel, health and beauty and much more.

•Eligibility for NCAE vision and hearing care discount plans.

•Eligibility for NCAE term life insurance (up to $300,000 coverage; no physical exam required).*

•Eligibility for NEA insurance programs for dental, vision, long-term care, accidental death and dismemberment, term life, guaranteed issue life, and homeowners*; for NEA savings and investment programs; and for the NEA car rental discount program.

*Membership with NCRSP is required for eligibility for NEA and NCAE insurance programs—having an NEA-Retired Life membership alone does not make you eligible.

For a complete listing of NEA member benefits, visit and click on the Member Benefits link, or call toll free 1-800-637-46361-800-637-4636.

We look forward to having you join our thousands of public school retiree members as a part of our active, engaged retired educator community. Please join NCRSP today!

The NCRSP Staff

Tom Bennett, Executive Director

 Ashley Coleman and Tera Shepard, Administrative Secretaries

Pam Deardorff, Lobbyist

Lacy Presnell, Lobbyist

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